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ALQUIMIA was founded in 1946 and for many years has been working in the area of ​​water treatment, whether process or waste. For this, it has a team of qualified professionals and technicians in this field.

Our company carries out an integral work that involves from the visit to the client, where it evaluates and diagnoses the situation, until the start-up of the plant. Its services also include the operation of existing plants.


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ALQUIMIA, through all these years has been present in the process of modernization of our society, and knows that it is in the hands of man as an individual and as a group, to ensure the existence of this fundamental element, individual and as a group, to ensure the existence of this fundamental element,
We must be clear that when we use water in our house or in the industry, it can be contaminated to such an extent that the normal cycle of nature is unable to remove all impurities adequately, therefore, human beings must accept responsibility. to clean the water that nature borrows before returning it to its natural cycle.

Our company's goal is to help our customers use less water and obtain pure, clean water, an important mission now and in the future.

ALQUIMIA works with many of the industries of the most diverse areas, where water is used in its processes, and studies for each particular case the implementation of the best treatment for its process and thus minimizes the environmental impact on ecosystems.

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